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Nicholas Ong graduated with a Degree in Psychology from York University, Toronto, Canada.


He started his career as a Life Insurance Agent and later became a Manager with the same big insurance company in Singapore for 14 years before joining DTZ in 2004. During his time with the insurance industry, he was a record breaking agent for several consecutive years for selling the most life insurance policies with the company. His accolade that time also included being among one of the elite supervisors & managers for a Big insurance firm for his effort in recruiting and nurturing top insurance agents. He was a speaker for many insurance agencies, including the company major events to motivate thousands insurance agents that period.


In 2004, Nicholas Ong decided to join the property industry with DTZ which subsequently bought out & became Edmund Tie & Company. With his many years of experience managing salespeople in the insurance industry, he envisioned building a formidable group of property agents with DTZ & Edmund Tie & Company. He succeeded in building  a strong team & was promoted to Vice President in DTZ July 2007.  After his promotion to VP,  he expanded his group to become the largest branch for 2012. Out of a total of 21 branches in the company that time, his branch was able to bag in the No. 1 Top Branch of the for Year 2012  and 2013 for Sales and Recruitment . Out of thousands of agents in company for year 2013; Top 3 agents/ Top 3 Managers/ and Top 2 of 3 New Rookie Agents were all from his branch. On 1st of July 2013, Nicholas was promoted to Senior Vice President. Shortly after that, on 1st Jan 2014, he was promoted again to Group Senior Vice President (highest title given to company Leaders) for having at least 3 within his big groups becoming their own branch heads. There were only 2 GSVPs out of 22 branches. The credit for the Top Branch awards for those years is to be fully given to all his members for their efforts on the field.


In total, Nicholas Ong has 22 plus years of experience nurturing salespeople. His philosophy on building a successful group is to concentrate on helping salespeople to start and build their career through sustainable Methods & Strategies. He deems it very important for himself to be approachable to all his associates and to stay connected to them at all times.

Advisory  Associate Executive Director

Mobile: 98180059

Nicholas Ong

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